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About our clean air campaign

We're calling for the UK governments to tackle air pollution.

Levels of air pollution in areas across the UK are at unsafe and illegal levels. This poses a serious threat to all our health. It impacts on people who already have a lung condition and children’s growing lungs the most. That’s why we need to take urgent action.

We need the UK’s governments to:

Commit to a new clean air act

Commit to a new clean air act that protects all current EU air quality limits and brings together existing laws. This act should set the legal limits for all pollutants in line with the World Health Organisation’s safe limits.

Establish clean air zones

Establish a network of clean air zones in pollution hotspots across the UK. We need the most polluting vehicles to be banned from the most polluted places.

Monitor air pollution by schools

Ensure air pollution levels are monitored around all schools in pollution hotspots. 3,000 schools have been identified across the UK in illegally high areas of pollution. Yet very few have monitors around them. This monitoring information needs to be accessible and published so parents and teachers are able to protect children’s health.

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