What's the problem in London?

  • The air is unsafe to breathe for every Londoner – every London Borough has areas with fine particulate matter over what is recommended by the World Health Organization and many areas have levels of nitrogen dioxide over legal limits.
  • Londoners’ lives are being cut short - In 2019 up to 4,100 deaths can be linked to polluted air.
  • Thousands of care homes, surgeries, hospitals and schools located in polluted areas – across London there are 1,574 Care homes, 1,307 GP surgeries, 132 hospitals and 3,701 schools and colleges in areas above the WHO guideline for PM2.5.

To clean up the air the mayor needs to:  

  1. Expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across all London boroughs, to protect far more Londoners. Including schemes to financially support those who are less well-off and people with a lung condition move to cleaner forms of transport.     
  2. Deliver safer air around schools, hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries, through pollution-busting traffic reduction schemes and behaviour change programmes.  
  3. Promote and facilitate active travel, including funding for walking and cycling schemes, and provide support for ambitious action from the boroughs.     
  4. Ensure that all transport fleets across London are cleaned up. This should include buses, taxis and private hire vehicles.