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Mesothelioma patrons

Our patrons have made generous donations to our mesothelioma research fund.

Thanks to their generous donations and vested interest in contributing to research, they’re helping us to make a difference.

Partnerships work best when you have the same aim. All of our patrons have direct experience of the effects of mesothelioma or asbestos. By working together, we can channel our energies into improving the lives of those with mesothelioma and helping to prevent future cases.

Mesothelioma patrons that offer legal assistance

View the independently accredited legal assistance firms helping to fund our mesothelioma research.

The companies listed above are Patrons of our Mesothelioma Research Fund. These companies have contributed financially to our mesothelioma research work. They are a valued partner of the British Lung Foundation, and are independently accredited law firms. This partnership does not mean that we directly endorse their services. We consider each potential partnership very carefully and carry out all necessary due diligence. The British Lung Foundation remains a fully independent, impartial and unbiased provider of best practice health advice and support.