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Our chief executive

Sarah Woolnough is our chief executive

Sarah is CEO of Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation and oversees all aspects of the organisation. Sarah is Co-Chair of the NHS England National Respiratory Board, which directs NHS England’s efforts to improve outcomes for those with respiratory disease. She also sits on the Board of the Accelerating Access Collaborative, a key government initiative aimed at encouraging swifter adoption of new technologies and treatments to tackle ill health.

Sarah has a background in policy and communications, having spent many years as a Board member at Cancer Research UK, and has been heavily involved in several tobacco control and other prevention campaigns. She is an experienced media spokesperson, having been regularly interviewed for a wide range of broadcast, radio and print outlets. Sarah can speak about the organisation’s key priorities, including the latest prevention, treatment and policy developments for all those with a lung condition.

Follow her on twitter: @swoolnough

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