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Our impact

Thanks to your support, 2018-19 saw the NHS make respiratory health a priority for the first time ever. This followed the publication of the Taskforce for Lung Health’s recommendations.

“This is the first time that the lung community has come together to produce a plan to bring about the transformation that we desperately need. Our 5-year plan sets out our framework to improve the nation’s lung health and provide better care for people with lung disease.”

Dr Steve Holmes, Taskforce for Lung Health member

This year, you again donated over £6 million.

Your generosity meant we could invest £1.8 million in research.

It also meant that we can continue to provide invaluable support to people all over the country who are affected by lung disease.

Here's what we did this year to give you hopehelp, and a voice

Hope: investing in research

“I’m extremely determined and excited to utilise this opportunity to further our understanding of IPF that could lead to new avenues to combat this cruel condition, benefitting many individual lives"

Liam, BLF PhD Studentship award winner

Liam, BLF PhD Studentship award winner

Our support of research into lung disease is at the heart of what we do.

  • This year we funded 16 new research projects, with most focussing on our priority disease areas: mesothelioma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Thanks to an incredible gift from the Victor Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation, our mesothelioma research network grew to 140 members and we held a second networking day.
  • We continued to invest in early career researchers, awarding Early Career Investigator Awards, travel fellowships and summer studentships.
  • Professor James Chalmers, BLF researcher, developed a new test for chest infections with results in minutes.

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Help: supporting people with lung conditions

“The BLF has been amazing support. They have a wealth of information and I’ve found it really helpful. It’s great to know their helpline is there and there’s professionals at the other end of it.”

John, who lives with IPF

John, who lives with IPF

This year we have supported people across the country through initiatives such as our volunteer-led support groups, our helpline and exercise programmes.

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A voice: calling for change 

"I feel passionately about the Taskforce’s ambitions, which will result in the right support and medication being provided. Too often, people are misdiagnosed and given the wrong treatment, which can have dire results.”

Julie, who has asthma and is a member of the Taskforce for Lung health 


To one day achieve our vision for everyone to breathe clean air with healthy lungs, we are mobilising thousands of people across the country to ensure lung disease gets the attention it deserves.

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