Our impact

Thanks to your support, 2017-18 was a groundbreaking year for people with lung conditions. 

"Your support makes possible the expert help that people affected by lung disease rely on, such as our helpline, Breathe Easy groups and online health information."

This year you gave the most ever – an incredible £6.7 million!

Your generosity has meant we could invest £2.7 million in research, a new record.

It has also meant that we can continue to provide invaluable support to people all over the country who are affected by lung disease.

Here's what we did this year to give you hopehelp, and a voice

Hope: investing in research

“Research is the only way we can find new cures and treatments for lung diseases like the one my dad had. That’s why in April, my sister and I ran the London Marathon for the BLF to fund more vital research. We know that where there’s research, there’s hope.” Claire

Claire and Emma lost their father and best friend to mesothelioma just 5 weeks after he was diagnosed. They raised over £10,000.

Our support of research into lung disease is at the heart of what we do. That’s why, this past year, we invested the most we ever have in research.

  • We funded 20 research projects, with most focussing on our priority disease areas: mesothelioma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis and children’s lung diseases.
  • Thanks to an incredible gift from the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation, we launched the first ever mesothelioma research network. Over 100 researchers have already joined the innovative new network.
  • We awarded 3 leading lung disease researchers with respiratory chair awards, promoting them to professor.
  • We funded research that has made breakthroughs in the investigation of wheezing disorders in children.

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Help: supporting people with lung conditions

“Our singing group is really vibrant. Singing helps you feel good and feel like you belong to something. I’m extremely grateful to the BLF for funding the group.” Ian, a member of a singing for lung health group in Forfar

Ian, a member of a singing for lung health group in Forfar.

This past year we have supported people across the country through initiatives such as our Breathe Easy groups, helpline and exercise programmes.

  • Our 220 Breathe Easy groups are evolving so that they can better support their members.
  • Over 80% of the 400 people who started out award-winning Keep active, keep well project continued to exercise for 3 months after completing the course of peer support and exercise.
  • Our helpline answered over 20,000 calls during the past year
  • Our Living with bronchiectasis booklet won first prize in the BMA patient information awards for self-care.

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A voice: calling for change 

“Lung disease is under recognised and largely invisible. Seldom are the people who are living with lung conditions and receiving the treatments listened to. The Taskforce listened. I hope the Taskforce’s recommendations will enable patients, like me, to be heard.” Jay, who has COPD and is a representative on the Taskforce for Lung Health


Jay has COPD and is a representative on the Taskforce for Lung Health.

To one day achieve our vision for everyone to breathe clean air with healthy lungs, we are mobilising thousands of people across the country to ensure lung disease gets the attention it deserves.

  • We launched the landmark Taskforce for Lung Health so we could develop a five-year plan for improving lung health.
  • Together with our partner Client Earth, we also launched the Clean Air Parents’ Network so that parents, teachers and children are inspired to act on air pollution.
  • Our report Out in the Cold revealed that there are 80% more admissions due to lung disease in the winter than in the summer. Following our report, NHS England issued guidance which supported our recommendations and RightCare North used our report to develop a toolkit for hospitals to manage respiratory pressures.
  • Over 1,000 people took up our online action to email the chancellor in support of our campaign for VED to be increased on new diesel cars.

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