Our team in Scotland

We have a specialist team in Scotland working for everyone across the nation affected by a lung condition.

A beautiful loch in ScotlandScotland has some of the best respiratory medics anywhere in the world and we often lead the way in public health initiatives like the ban on smoking in public places.

But our industrial history and continued high levels of smoking mean that we have some of the highest rates of lung disease anywhere in the world.

What we do

  • We support people who have lung disease, their families and carers.
  • We work with other organisations, such as voluntary groups, the NHS, and the Scottish Parliament to improve services across Scotland.
  • We raise awareness of lung disease at a local and national level.
  • We campaign to make lung disease a priority for the Scottish Government.

Our impact

We've achieved so much for better lung health in recent years.

  • Smoking bans in public places protecting kids from second-hand smoke.
  • Better oxygen services letting people who need oxygen get it more easily.
  • Greater provision of pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • New treatments and a greater focus on interstitial lung diseases like IPF.

Our aim must be to give Scotland’s future generation the chance to live with clean air, healthy lungs and world-class medical services.  We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to them.

Who we are



Irene Johnstone heads up our Scotland team, and has a wealth of experience from the health and not-for-profit sectors.

"Whether it’s campaigning to improve services, working with our Breathe Easy groups or speaking to policymakers, it all comes back to helping people with lung disease. That’s the most important part of my approach.”

Get in touch

You can call our Scotland office on 0141 248 0050.

And you can find us at British Lung Foundation, Suite 103-104, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow, G2 6HJ.